Making a commitment to customer satisfaction by creating the core values

As we offer customized semiconductor solution by continuous technical development and quality innovation, 
We make differentiated value of only the LK ENGINEERING and be a good partner  growing with customer.

Global company that lead semiconductor part market with challenge and passion




LK ENGINEERING is specialized company in the field of semiconductor technology.

• LK ENGINEERING lead the technology by research and development.

• LK ENGINEERING put a high value on the technology.



LK ENGINEERING provide innovative solution to customer

• LK ENGINEERING lead innovation by realizing the market flow.

• LK ENGINEERING satisfy the customer needs by improving process.



LK ENGINEERING take a challenge not a stop but grow.

• LK ENGINEERING always enjoy the challenge to get the best result.

• LK ENGINEERING don't give up even though it is very hard to find the ENGINEERING.



LK ENGINEERING keep the trust of customers.

• LK ENGINEERING provide the best service and high quality product.

• LK ENGINEERING create customer's faith and satisfaction.