LK ENGINEERING have various kinds of 

welfare system to build Great Work Place





Tomorrow Filling Deduction

In order to foster and invest in human resources, which are the core assets of the company, long-term employees and excellent human resources are eligible to subscribe to Naeil Filling Mutual Aid.


Employee health checkup

In addition to health checkups for all employees, detailed checkups are additionally conducted for long-term employees with more than 5 years of service and employees over 40 years of age.


Financial support for your own tuition

We provide partial support to all employees for their own (college, graduate school) tuition.


Support for children's tuition

Supporting education expenses of our employees’ children such as congratulations for entering elementary school, middle school, high school and college.


Group accident insurance

With the safety of all employees as our top priority, we subscribe to group insurance that covers accidents or illnesses that may occur unexpectedly.


Condolence money and condolence leave

We pay congratulations and condolences to all executives and employees and their families, and provide various types of leave for congratulations and condolences.


Quarterly best employee commendation and awards 

Based on quarterly achievements and work attitudes, the selection of quarterly best employees and the presentation of certain awards will be conducted.


Annually best employee commendation and awards

Every year, we select excellent employees and award them based on their achievements and work attitude.


Support for in-house club activities

For the health and happiness of all employees, we actively encourage and support in-house club activities.


Support for physical fitness activities

We encourage and support the holding of small-group and overall sports events to foster a healthy body and mind of all employees.


Support for education and training expenses/book purchase expenses

We support language and (work-related) education expenses and book purchase expenses to improve workers' self-development and job satisfaction.


Social gathering

All current employees can join, and various congratulatory and condolence funds are provided to improve mutual aid and welfare.


Payment of various incentives

Incentives are paid based on operating profit and production performance.


Long-term employee reward

Each year, long-term employees are rewarded and small awards are given.


Improvement suggestion award

Small awards are given to employees who suggest efficient improvement plans related to work processes.


Wedding anniversary gift

A small congratulatory gift is given to employees who celebrate their wedding anniversary.


Birthday gift

Providing  gifts to employees who celebrate their birthdays.


Management of in-house worker welfare fund

A portion of the corporate profits are set aside as funds and used for worker welfare programs.


Parking facility fee support

Providing parking fees near the company for convenience of parking.


Shuttle Bus

Operating shuttle buses for the convenient commute of employees.


Housing subsidy support

Supporting the cost of house rent fare for convenience of living of employees.





We operate an in-house cafeteria and provide free lunch.


A staff lounge

Men's and women's rest rooms are located separately to provide rest areas.