Making a commitment to customer satisfaction by creating the core values

As we offer customized semiconductor solution by continuous technical development and quality innovation, 
We make differentiated value of only the LK ENGINEERING and be a good partner  growing with customer.

Global company that lead semiconductor part market with challenge and passion


Communication to achieve Goals


Opened LK communication with respecting each other's growth

To settle down an effective cooperation communication culture that based on mutual understanding and respect with each other.

Innovation of Leading Change


LK Challenging new possibilities.

To challenge new possibilities for being the best in a rapidly changing industry by sharing ideas for promoting new developments that can be shown a creative thought.

Unrivaled Competitive Expertise


LK with the best capabilities by constant learning

To strengthen unrivaled competitiveness through a strong tenacity to complete what we started without complacency in a competitive market.

Trust for Constant Growth


Reliable Brand - LK

To Build a relationship of maintaining trust from both internally and externally, through a sense of ownership, a responsible attitude and providing excellent products and customer services.