ESG Management Declaration


Under the vision of leading the semiconductor parts market, LK Engineering declares that it will seek answers to sustainable development and practice active ESG management to create better future.


[ESG] Environmental · Social · Governance

First, we pledge to strengthen ESG management capabilities and follow principles been recognized as a key value of growth and sustainable future.


[E] Environmental: Eco-Friendly Company

FirstWe recognize the seriousness of the climate crisis and implement eco-friendly management to save energy and achieve carbon neutrality throughout our business activities to overcome it.


[S] Social : Co-growth Company 

FirstWe respect the personality of employees and partner workers, prohibit all kinds of discrimination, and as exemplary members of the community, we continue to work in various fields such as job creation support and social contribution for local co-prosperity.


[G] Governance : Reliable Company

FirstWe spread an anti-corruption and integrity culture through ethical management, listen to the requests of various stakeholders, and transparently disclose the entire management activities based on trust and respect.


2023. 11. 23



The executives and employees of LK Engineering Co., Ltd