ESC is the part to fix the wafer in semiconductor manufacturing equipment by the power of static electricity. Generally ESC is classified into monopolar type and bipolar type according to the number of electrodes. And it also divied into COLUMB type and JONSEN-RAHBEK type depending on the the size of Dielectric Resistivity.







Process that removed selectively unnecessary parts using chemical method or corrosive gas to make semicondutor circuit pattern on the wafer.




Material is selectively etched and removed by using various reactive chemical solution.


Material is selectively etched and removed by using reactive gas or using electrically decomposed gas.



CVD is the process that forming conductive flim or insulation flim on the surface of wafer by deposited particles made ​​of a suitable active and reactive energy injected reactive gas


TYPE OF CVD : Representative types of CVD are LPCVD(Low Pressure CVD) and PECVD(Plasma Enhanced CVD)


PE-CVD is the process that forming thin flim after making react actively by producing SiH4 helping deposited in the chamber.


LP-CVD is the process of forming a thin flim deposited in a vacuum.


Process for selectively injecting Dopant  charged by high-energy to the surface of the wafer. And Injecting a quantity of correct-ion in the correct position and depth.





Inspecting about Product’s Condition & function






(If necessary) Re-bonding Ceramic plate with BASE






Patterning on the Surface of Ceramic Plate 


Before Shipping, Final inspecting of surface, function & He leak




Comparison before & after

Repaired Product

applied ESC REPAIR

pursue having life time and function same as A class to recover Flatness, bonding layer, Embossing and electric fucntion.



• Flatness spec : max 20um

• Roughness spec : max 0.3um

• Embossing height spec : 10±3um




 Before Repair




Fail mode

• Side embossing etching : 4um

• Roughness : max 0.4um

• Flatness NG : 25um

• Embossing & Rib damage



 After Repair




Repair mode

• Embossing height : 10um

• Roughness : 0.1um

• Flatness : 5um

• Recovering similar to original(NEW) product by repair processing damaged bonding layer of heater due to plasma